Thursday, July 09, 2009

YouTube Thursday

Yep--YouTube Thursday. We gotta be flexible, BlogWorld, if we're going to make it through baseball season.

The Michael Jackson post got me thinking about other seminal television performances. MJ's Motown performance was iconic: it gave us the moonwalk, and cemented Jackson as not only an adult pop star, but the dominant pop icon of his generation. After that, everyone else was officially playing for second.

So, what are some other watershed television performances?

Some would definitely count Madonna's "Like a Virgin" VMA performance. I wouldn't fight them on it.

I would definitely include Nirvana's Unplugged. While it didn't make them stars, it reinvented their stardom and helped shape their legacy as much as any one performance. After it, Nirvana not only meant something else to an entire generation, they meant more to it.

And, then, the Big Two: Elvis on Ed Sullivan:

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan:

What are some others? Which are your personal favorites? Hit up the comments and let me know!

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