Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Milam Family Reunion

Today's YouTube Concert is a special treat.

Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's, I was part of a traveling folk group called the Original Milam Extended Family Band. We played mostly "old-timey" music, which is to say we were purists for the "old-timey" forms and "old-timey" traditions. We played original versions of unoriginal songs. We had a string of minor hits in 1979 and the #3 Americana smash "Velcro (What Kinda Boots Are Those, Lady)."

As you might recall, our band broke up in 1982 for many reasons, including but not limited to:
--Multiple marriages
--The 1982 Preakness
--Above ground swimming pools
--Jimmy Carter

Nearly thirty years later, the surviving members of the Original Milam Extended Family Band have (mostly) buried the hatchet. We even got together just yesterday to sing a new song, just like the old songs. And that's today's YouTube Concert.


"Let Your Heart Do the Talking"

More tomorrow!

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