Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Live! Tonight! Sold-Out!

...And we're back, Bloggeroos!

Thanks for your patience. I heard a rumor that, in my semi-absence last week, you found another blogger. One who says the right things. One who can commit. One who met your parents and blogged about them afterward. Is he Christian? Do his pants fit? Have you picked out blog-baby names?

Either way, I'm happy for you. And yet here you are. Maybe what we have is special. Maybe nobody's gotstaknowaboutit.

Maybe everyone does?

So here's the Blog Rundown for the next week of so...book it!
Today - YouTube Concert
Wednesday - YouTube Concert
Thursday - Fan of the Month
Friday - YouTube Concert
Monday, June 1 - YouTube Concert
Wednesday, June 3 - Songs for June
Friday, June 5 - The FINAL YouTube Concert (until I decide to do some more)

So, let's get it going. Here's a live performance of "Tin Angel," the title track off the last record. This was shot here in Nashville at a benefit concert, and it features the heavenly, dulcet tones of Moriah Harris. Miss Harris sings with me on the record, and I was lucky enough to sing alongside her "Tin Angel" this particular night.

I've said it before and I've said it again:
Holycrap, Moriah Harris's voice is heartbreaking and haunting and ethereal and gorgeous and addicting and if somehow it contained barbeque ribs it would be everygoodthingontheplanet. Go to her Myspace. Right now. Go. Do it. Immediately. I won't tell you twice. Okay, I already have. I'll tell you twice-hundred if I have to. Just go.

***If you like the song and haven't done so already, please hop on over to iTunes and get yo'self the song! Or the whole dern record! Or both records! Or a controlling share of my stock!

Here's "Tin Angel," live in Nashville!

More manana,

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