Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Call

Stranded on a mountain somewhere somehow, Interworld...

YouTube Concerts, Fan of the Month, and much more all forthcoming...starting next week. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.

Favorite Beatles album?
Best Beatles album?
Who, in your mind, was the most influential of the ridiculous late 90's boy bands?
Did Britney trump them all?
How do you pronounce Bon Iver? And do I care?
How do you pronounce Bareilles?
How does she?
Has anyone ever finished a plate of pancakes and felt AWESOME about it?

A little work and luck,


TownCharacter said...

All the boy bands influenced me. So did Spears. They influenced me to give up listening to pop music all together, and to delve more deeply into Americana. So, . . . thanks!

Michael said...

How about that new Green Day album?

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