Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coast To Coast #5: A Face In the Crowd

I've finished the first leg of the tour, and I have a few days off before D.C., and I'm trying my best not to stop.  If I stop, I might take a nap in Kentucky and sleep through next week's shows.  Rule #1 When Touring: never, ever, ever stop.

So, I've filled the day off with things to do.  One of those things was to empty out the camera and Flip from the first leg of the tour and post some pictures and videos. 

So, while I regroup a little, here are two new videos from the Portland concert.  And, for the running photo gallery of the tour, click here


(Side note: I know I still owe you one more YouTube Concert.  It's coming, I promise.)

Live from The Woods, Portland OR - April 8, 2011

"Edge of the World"


Another place, another town,

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