Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Cup of Coffee With Will Odom!

For those just catching up, I do a monthly feature with the Vinyl District.  I interview a different person in the Memphis music community: artists, sound guys, business people, superfans, etc.  The idea is that, over time, we might see how all the pieces fit together to make something really special.  It's called Another Cup of Coffee.

In January, I talked with local singer/songwriter Jeremy Stanfill.  In February, I spoke with Cindy Cogbill at the International Folk Alliance.  And in March, I chatted with Cameron Mann of the Memphis Music Foundation.

This month, I wanted to talk to someone on the ground level, seeing shows night after night.  So, I interviewed one of the best sound guys in Memphis and one of my closest dear friends.  Please, hop on over to TVD and enjoy April's Another Cup with Will Odom!

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