Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rock N Remedy

And we're back! To kick things off, I wanted to give y'all all the details on the January 6th benefit concert because it's such an important show to all the artists involved and I'd love to see you there!

Here's the rundown:

--Tuesday, January 6th (a week from today)
--Rock N Remedy Benefit Concert for Multiple Sclerosis
--Music starts at 7PM (No lie! Because there are so many artists playing, we're starting super-early)
--$10 at the door, plus additional donations are greatly appreciated. We'll also feature a silent auction, and merch sales will go towards the cause!
--If you can't make it out on the 6th or live out of town, but would still like to help out, just visit this link to make a direct donation to the MS Society!

Now, who's playing this thing? How's about:

Molly Fitzpatrick:
Prettiest dern voice in the tri-state area. Maybe it's just the dash of Mississippi I'm hearing in it, I could listen to Molly sing all the live long day. You have to hear this girl live!

The Glib:
Ever go out to shows in Nashville and think, "Jesus, why doesn't someone just get onstage and rock my damn face off already?" Enter The Glib. They're awesome, and they're here to fill that very specific void in your life. Strap in.

Megan McCormick:
Gorgeous voice, gorgeous songs...I first saw Megan McCormick a year ago and decided she could harmonize with a chainsaw. I watched everyone's heart break in the first two rows. It was awesome.

Dabney Morris:
Seems like everyone in Nashville has seen Dabney play at this point, and with good reason: he's one of the city's best musicians and his latest release, Ocean EP, falls into the so-good-it's-almost-unfair category. Really smart, accomplished songwriting...I can't wait to hear these songs live.

Moriah Harris:
My crazy music crush on Miss Harris has been well-documented. At one point this summer I somehow talked her into singing on "Tin Angel," so whenever you hear that song and ask yourself, "who is the girl singing," that would be Miss Moriah Harris. Her songwriting is tight and haunting and beautiful and her voice is so good that yeah, there's probably a restraining order against me at this point. Just listen...she'll do the rest.

Tommy and the Whale:
Whenever people outside of Nashville ask me who my favorite local band is, I start with Tommy and the Whale. If you're in the city, you've probably heard them and definitely heard of them. They're simply one of our best bands: poppy and dynamic songwriting, powerful live...they're a virtual all-star team of local musicians. If you're anywhere close to Nashville on January 6th, you cannot miss their set.

Julie Lee:
Put it this way: when I first invited my Facebook friends to this show, I got a handful of messages immediately....and they all said, "OMFG, how are you playing a show with Julie Lee, I'll come out and see her regardless of you...seriously, Stalin could open for her and I'd buy three tickets." So there you have it!

Chris Milam:
"Slightly better than Stalin." --Rolling Stone

Heart-wrenching singer/songwriter dynamos paired with gut-checking rock paired with classic powerpop, etc....what do all these artists have in common, you ask?

The answer is a fellow named Steve Martin. Steve a sound engineer/producer in Nashville, and one of the city's brightest young talents. He's already worked with a veritable who's-who of non-country artists in town...everyone from Courtney Jaye to Tallest Trees (another incarnation of Tommy & the Whale) to Moriah Harris and seemingly everyone in-between (and yep, Steve co-engineered and produced the Tin Angel EP). He's an incredibly gifted sound-guy, and an even better friend to the Nashville music community.

Steve was recently diagnosed with mulitple sclerosis, the symptoms of which have seriously affected his work schedule and his ability to pay for treatment and (most importantly). This concert came about because so many artists in town wanted to give something back to a guy who has given so much to us, both as a friend and colleague. The proceeds from this concert will go towards Steve's treatment, as well as (at Steve's request) the National MS Society.

This is a very important show to so many of us in town, because we all love Steve and want to help him in any way we can. Please, please, please come out on January 6th and show your support for this great cause, and hear an amazing night of music!

***If you can't make it on January 6th, but would like to help, feel free to donate directly to the MS Society by clicking this link.

Thanks a ton for your support, and I can't wait to see you on the 6th!

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