Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Opened the Box, and Out Came the Rock

For those of you who haven't opened the box yet, Pandora is this:

A) An internet radio station
B) An interweb radio station that plays artists and songs that you like
C) An interwebular radio station that plays artists and songs you like because of your listening patterns, specified tastes, etc.
D) An intersitewebulous map that details the "musical genome" of every song by every artist and figures out what type of music you like (and why) and gives you more of it (including recommendations of new artists who are up your radioweb alley).
E) The best thing since Arby's.
F) Something I hit up on the regular.
G) All these things and more.

Things Pandora has already told me about the Tin Angel EP:

1) "On My Way" has "basic rock song structures" and "minor key tonality." Whosawhatsit?
2) "Only One" has a "busy horn section" and "subtle use of vocal harmony." Score!
3) "Tin Angel" has "acoustic rhythm piano," "acoustic rhythm guitars," "mixed electric and acoustic instrumentation," and "folk influences." Also, it's a Capricorn.
4) "Shine" has a "twelve-eight time signature" and a "triple note feel." And its major is philosophy!
5) "Don't Give Up On Me Now" also features "basic rock song structures" and a "busy horn section." Maybe the next record will include some "lethargic woodwinds" or some "overachieving strings."

Hop on over to Pandora and open a box of Milam, already!

This coffee has a subtle use of sweetener harmony while still retaining basic coffee structures,

P.S. If you'd like to listen to my personal station, just search for "Milam Radio" and rock yourself out. Be forewarned: sometimes you'll get three Garfunkels in a row and you won't know why.

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