Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Music City Unsigned

I complain a lot about the hordes of Nashvillian industry folks who do things "the wrong way." I also talk a lot about Nashvillian industry folks who do things "the right way." In both cases, I rarely give examples. So, Exhibit A...How to Do Things the Right Way:

Music City Unsigned is a local music site run by two guys, John and Jon. Since its inception, they have worked tirelessly to spotlight the great, hard-working, talented, non-country artists the city has to offer. They write record and concert reviews. They videocast. They podcast. They blog. They link, network, make connections. They promote, plug, co-sponsor shows, and generally assist the artists in town that they want to help. When the non-country scene in Nashville started getting present several years ago, lots of people talked about consolidating all that talent, promoting it, really staking a claim to that community. Very few did it. Many of the ones that tried started a blog, posted eight times, and then moved to Lebanon or wherever. Simply put, Music City Unsigned is the local music site that everyone else in Nashville wants to be.

What's in it for John and Jon, you might ask? Are they getting finders fees for new talent? A cut of the door of every show they promote? What, pray tell, is the bottom line here? You're not going to believe this, but these guys are doing it because they love local music in Nashville, and they love helping the artists in that community. That's it. It's their passion, they turned it into something, they've done it better than anyone else, and they haven't asked for anything in return.

I hear that MCU is actually sponsored by Taco Bell. Maybe they're doing it for the free chalupas, I'm not sure.

Anyway, check out their site, read about all the artists, check out the videocasts, explore, keep up. This is your site for what's going on in Nashville. do I know John and Jon? They were kind enough to take a listen to the new record and wanted to help promote it. Check it out:
--Go to Music City Unsigned
--Go to Artists
--Go to Chris Milam, and read what they have to say! They also have the first single, "On My Way" right there for you to hear.
--Then come to the CD Release Show this Saturday, October 11, at 12th & Porter. You'll get to see the MCU crew, as they're sponsoring the show!

What's in it for you? Um, free tacos?

Rock on,

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