Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tomorrow Comes Today

Remember when I kept talking about how the new My Morning Jacket record (due June 10) needed to be the best record I've heard in years? Well, I got an advanced copy from a radio pal several weeks ago...and will have a full review upon the actual release of Evil Urges.

In the meantime...they uploaded every song from the album onto their Myspace. So the real question is...why are you still reading this?

Thoughts? Feelings? Comments?

Smokin from shootin,

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ross k. said...

It's a funny year...people are more hyped about seeing old fossils like Eagles and Motley tour again, because they're still better than the new kids. Pick up this month's Rolling Stone and that's what they're covering. I'll save the Jacket talk till the record's officially out, but I wanted to mention some other new releases so that the year doesn't seem hopeless. Don't despair:

- Weezer has a new one out that is supposed to be more like their first two. I haven't heard it, but it's favorably reviewed as throwback Weezer. That can't be all bad.

- Beck has been working on a record with Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley that's supposed to be out soon. Never know what KIND of Beck you'll get, but Beck is rarely unenjoyable.

- This Aussie band Airbourne just RIPS. Their record came out in Australia in 2007 and had to wait for worldwide distribution, but it's been all over the radio recently, and I mention it because it's more promising than anything else right now. These guys are the true successors to AC/DC, the band that Jet and Buckcherry wish they could be. Nothing too original, but they're the genuine article. If you like dinosaur rock, you will hear these guys and say "YEAH!"

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