Saturday, June 14, 2008

48 Hours

Dudes of the World,

In 48 hours, my band and I will be filing into a recording studio on Music Row (armed with 5 songs, some snacks, and a dream), setting up our gear, and pressing record. From June 16-20, we will be recording what will end up being my newest record, a 5-song EP due out in September.

I can't tell you how excited I am that this process is about to start. Some artists are happiest when they're writing, or playing, or maybe congregating after a successful show. For me, there's no place more energizing and rewarding than the studio. I love the finality of it, I love its long and often insane hours, I'm fascinated by sound engineers and inspired by great ones...I love everything about this process.

So....why not share it with you? Starting Monday and continuing all week, I'll be blogging updates from the studio. Check back early and often for all the latest on the new record!

On my way,


Michael said...

Awesome! Looking forward to this release. Any talks on who this will be released with? Independent? shopping around?

Hope the studio rocks you as hard as you rock it.

Chris Milam said...

Shopping, shopping, shopping...

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