Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Is, This Is Our (Second) Exit

Day 2 stretched from 9am Tuesday to 1am Wednesday. That's either 16 or seventy-five hours in the studio, for those of you counting at home. After all that, I only have one question for you:

Would you let this man engineer your next record?

Well, you should. His name's Steve Martin, and he's working the nightshift. Robin to Donnie's Batman, if you will.

He's also a crack sound guy, and not just because he's a sound guy that has anything at all to do with crack. Despite this picture, he's never even seen crack, and doesn't really know what it is*.

Regardless, Steve's a magnificent talent. Among his talents are (in no particular order):
1) Wearing scarves
2) Liking the dobro
3) Recording sounds for a long time and very well.
(Number 4 with a bullet: Looking like Jesus when in "beard mode.")
(Number 5 with a bullet: Bearding.)

The real question is: would you let THIS GUY sing on your next record?

And's list of Potential Record Titles! Vote for your favorite:
Muscle Wagon
Call Will Call
Out Like the Gout
Batman's Donnie
The Ep EP
Hanes Kravitz

More tomorrow!

*Neither do I. Some kind of candy, right?

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