Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take 30

The dayshift for Day 3 just ended at 6PM, and the nightshift will begin at 6:30. Which means I have 30 minutes alone in the studio and I'm spending it typing about being alone in the studio between shifts. Some might call that narcissistic, and some might even call that slightly masochist. I think we can all agree it's odd.

Regardless, here are some more pictures:

That's Gabriel, the Angel. I don't think he's actually an angel, but that's what he's called and who am I really to argue with anyone at this point? He did, however, offer to come in twice and assist Donnie in the engineering responsibilities, which makes him nothing less than a decent human being. He's also good at his job.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Steve and I bought a variety pack of Rockstar energy beverages (what else would be buy) to carry us through last night's session. While it's not important for you to know my full opinions on the "Original," "Juiced," and "Punched" versions, it is important for you to know that I have them, and they're strong, and they'll probably end up here at some point anyway. I'll give you a hint: anyone who likes "Juiced" better than "Punched" is a fancy debutante. I'll give you another hint: Steve likes "Juiced."

Check the fridge (Cribs style):

Mmmmm, soy milk.


What have we accomplished so far, you ask?
1) Yesterday we finished drums and bass, and worked on some acoustic guitars.
2) Today was Stanton Day here at Kosmodrome, which means my face has yet to be reattached after all the melting it experienced. (Was that English?)

More instruments and vocals need to be done. Friday we're blocking off an entire day to make sure we get the wooden fish parts right.

Meantime, here are more Possible Album Titles! Feel free to weigh in:
Hello Moose
CHRIStmas in September
Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings
Fish Parts

Break's over,


Michael said...

To what magical place does that window behind the computer in the picture lead? It's so bright. It's like heaven is through that window.

Can you take a picture of what's through that window?

Chris Milam said...

That would be a place called "outside."

Michael said...

Help. Me. There are no windows in my office.

BTW I'm transferring to Ohio St. or Iowa.

I guess I'm trusting Kerouac's judgment in women.

Elizabeth said...

i vote for "fish parts," but that's just me.

ps: thank jesus for your blog (and others) because they keep from getting too bored at work. grown-up land is...lackluster.

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