Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Milam's Playlist

Hey folks,

I've been away from the compu recently, and Blogger is being ornery. So, real quick, here's my tentative answer to the hot-query of the new milennium: "What's in your iPod?"

The Milam Pseudo-Celebrity iPod Playlist!

The Raconteurs - "Intimate Secretary"
Oasis - "Lyla"
Belle and Sebastian - "If She Wants Me"
Elliot Smith - "Baby Britain"
Joni Mitchell - "Court and Spark"
Big Star - "Daisy Glaze"
Lemonheads - "If I Could Talk, I'd Tell You"
Lucero - "It Gets the Worst at Night"
My Morning Jacket - "I Will Be There When You Die"
R.E.M. - "Electrolite"
Phantom Planet - "The Guest"

But what are YOU listening to?


Anonymous said...



Michael said...

Here are my top 9 songs over the last month:

"Recovering the Satellites" - Counting Crows

"The Day I Tried to Live" - Soundgarden

"Hellbent & Heartfirst" - Cory Branan

"Love and War (11/11/46)" - Rilo Kiley

"Bleed America" - Jimmy Eat World

"Witches' Rave" - Jeff Buckley

"Cold December" - Matt Costa

"16 Days" - Whiskeytown

"Here He Comes (Confessions of a Drunken Marionette)" - The Wallflowers

elizabeth said...

Top 10:
"Crooked Teeth" - Death Cab for Cutie
"Beating Heart Baby" - Head Automatica (go listen to their new cd)
"What You're Up Against" - Hey Mercedes
"Photobooth" - DCFC
"Shelter Hotel" - Steve Tannen
"All 'Cause of You" - The 88
"Stationary Stationary" - Anberlin
"1000 Miles Away" - Colic
"Heal Over" - KT Tunstall
"The Story" - Tristan Prettyman

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