Monday, July 31, 2006

Book My Next Tour!

Hey everyone,

I promise I'll do some read-worthy writing soon, but I wanted to post this real quick:

I saw this handy webtool run by the folks at Eventful and thought it would be a great way to determine where I set out to on my next tour. Basically, it lets the fans request me to come to their area with the click of a button, and shows me how many requests I have in each city. If a town gets a mother-ton of requests, I'm there!

So, if you take a second to make a request, it'll help me out a lot, and make for a great tour!

<a href="">Demand Chris Milam in your city with!</a>
Demand Chris Milam in your city!

Be sure to pass it along to your hometown friends, too--local venues watch this thing to book new talent.

Thanks a ton,

P.S. New AIM Screename for anyone who wants to shoot me an IM sometime: CMLeavingTN. Hit me up anytime, and I just might make you "LOL." GTG. TTYL.

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