Friday, July 28, 2006

A Banner Day

Friends, Romans, Countrypeople,

Next week, I'll unveil my forthcoming Street Team. Until then, I've got a little something for you to chew on. Listed below are five "banners" that the Chris Milam Creative Team made in the lab. These banners are handy because:

1) If you click the banner itself, it sends you directly to my site.
2) If you click the text below, it sends you to, where you can find the html code for all of my banners and add them to your blog, Myspace, or anything else.

So, the idea is to use these bad boys to show your support of the MilamNation, and maybe introduce me to your friends. If you tell two people, who tell two people, who tell two people...I'm bad at math, but that's gotta add up. So, show some MilamLove and post these bad boys!

There are rewards involved that I'll get into next week, but for now let's just do it for the love of the Milam, no?

Reach out and touch everyone,

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Mimi said...

Ok, wtf is this American flag banner, Bill O'Reilly?

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