Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Answer, a Question, and a Tease

Hey y'all, and happy holiday season!

First, I've heard you loud and clear: "where are the posts, Chris?"  Where indeed!  The Song of the Week, Mailbag, Fan of the Month, and even Fictitious Interview have gone to Reno for the holiday.  They're meeting On the Road later in Flagstaff, but they're not staying long.  They all have a gambling problem, and their ramblings are incontinent.  They'll come home, don't you worry.

Meanwhile, I wanted to do a bit of housekeeping:
--Look here Blog next week for a brand new post: My Christmas List 2010. 
--Check back soon for a brand new addition to the Blog!  I'm very excited to be collaborating with another music site, and that will start in January.  Stay tuned.
--Also in January, I'll bring back Song of the Week, Fan of the Month, and (when there are enough questions) the Mailbag.  So stay in touch!

Now, here's this, my argument for Best Song of 2010.  At the very least, it's one of my favorites.  What's yours?

Cee Lo, "F*ck You"

Ho-ho-home for the holidays,

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