Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Upalooza, Volume 3: Last Exit

Today's drive from St. Louis to Chicago was eventful, if "farms, clouds, construction, and Chris listening only to Boss Springsteen" is an Event.  Also events: eating nothing but Fruit Roll-Ups, losing sunglasses, and wondering at what latitude Exxon becomes Mobile.

At what latitude does Exxon become Mobile?  These are questions I wonder whilst giving a quick round-up of St. Louis:

Favorite Moment:
A little boy in the audience danced during "If You Don't Love Me By Now."  Then he went to sleep.

Least Favorite Moment: 
A birthday girl's request for a Talking Heads tune went unanswered, because I didn't know it.  I lose.  Lame, Me.

Highway Weirdness:
In Arkansas, there are signs that say, "Hit A Worker: $10,000 Fine and Lose Your License."  In Ilinois, those signs say, "Hit a Worker: $10,000 Fine and 14 Years Jail Sentence."  And what I want to know is this: what judge decided, "a worker is worth exactly fourteen years"? 

More Highway Weirdness:
Outside of St. Louis, in the midst of construction, I entered a stretch of road named "Paul Simon Highway."  I started to pop in Graceland, but Boss growled at me.

In the Rearview:
Don't tell them this, but Arkansas might have the best sunsets.  Missing those.

Down the Road:
Tonight at Uncommon Ground, which I'm stoked about.  Last time I was here, it was in February.  I had to park a mile from the venue and lug my merch box in the driving snow.  When I hit the door, two staffers hugged me, gave me blankets, and carried me to a snuggly chair beside a crackling fire.  The only thing missing was a pipe, tweed jacket, and bread pudding.  I thawed out, played a few hours later, and had a blast.  Really looking to UG tonight--sans snow.

Weather's Here, Wish You Were Beautiful:
One of my favorite things about intimate shows--and last night's show was intimate--is the opportunity to try new things.  I debuted a new song last night called "From So Far Away," and will end with the YouTube video below.  I'm not 100% sure it's done yet, but it sure was fun to play.

"From So Far Away"

More soon from Chicago!  Til then...

Grasp and hold on,

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