Monday, July 05, 2010

Upalooza Volume 1: Out of Reverse

Happy independence, Blogophiles!

As I write this, it's July 4.  Tomorrow, the Summer Tour 2K10 starts.  Because the tour promotes my new album--Up--I'm calling this tour Upalooza.

This time tomorrow, I'll be in St. Louis, sound-checking at Pop's Blue Moon, getting ready for a nightful of music.

This time next week, I'll be back in NYC, or possibly Brooklyn, enjoying a brief haitus before the next show.

This time next month, I'll be back home.  It'll all be over.  I will have played a dozen shows in twenty-three days, traveled innumerable miles, visited two countries, more states than I can currently count, met hopefully many new friends and fans, and reunited with my first, greatest, and forever love:


I'll post here early and often with updates from the road.  I highly recommend subscribing to the feed to get the latest.  As this is the first of VERY MANY Upalooza volumes, let's take care of the essential business and set the stage for the musings to come.  Enjoy, as I have a conversation with myself!

Chris, where can I find all the tour updates?  I don't just mean details for each show--I mean a fully interactive experience, where I can read the latest blog, see photos and videos from each show, drop you a line, etc?
I'm glad you asked, Chris!  Why, you can find all of that information at the newly re-vamped Tour section of the site. And, again, feel free to subscribe to the blog here.

Chris, is it true that you love your car in ways you've never loved a human?
All too true.

Chris, what if I want to RSVP to a show and invite friends?
I would toast your initiative and direct you here, to Facebook, where all things originate.

Chris, I'm bored at work.  Where can I find some past blogs from the road? 
All past "On the Road"-tagged blogs are here.  But here are a few favorites:
My LA trip January, 2010: Part 1, 2, 3, and 4
My letter to Nashville, October 2010 here.
My NYC trip, November, 2008:  Part 1 and 2
A Day In the Life: Nashville to Chattanooga, Matchstick Tour February 2007 here.

Chris, what time does Blockbuster open?
Chris, why do you still go to Blockbuster?

Chris, I heard you're giving out free copies of the new album to especially active fans.  True?
True!  Come early, tweet about a show, bring a big name it.  Touring is all about word-of-mouth--your great recommendation to a friend means 100X more than my crazy promotion.  Help me spread the word and I got a merch-pack with your name on it (the actual name on it is "Chris Milam," but you get my gist). 

Chris, what's your favorite colour?
Ooh, British spelling!  Let's go "bournt sienna."

Chris, what show are you most looking forward to?
All of them, Chris.  All of them.  Especially the cities I've never played before.  But definitely the ones I've played before.

Chris, is it true that you spent twelve hours burning CDs and reorganizing your car's music collection? 
Maybe.  But yes, definitely.

Are you proud of this?

Chris, you're not coming to my city.  When are you coming to my city?
Soonly!  There will be another major tour in October, some weekend stints throughout the fall, and plenty more in 2011 (including the West coast).  Hold on--I'm coming!

Chris, do you take requests?  
Absolutely!  What you got?

Then go pack, for crying out loud.
Roger that, Chris.  My God, you are wise.

Finally, you didn't answer my question.  I have Upalooza-related queries.  What do I do?
Drop me a line, homey!  I'm an ear.

Tune in next time, when I stop talking to myself and leave shameless plugs somewhere on I40....

(Oh, and bonus points for each person who can identify the song I'm quoting in each Volume title.  For example, "Out of reverse.")

Want to be everywhere,

P.S. Anyone have a food/drink recommendation in STL?  Any good BBQ in town?  Let me know!

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