Thursday, May 27, 2010

Song of the Week: Gin Blossoms "My Car"

This week's premise is simple: I miss driving. I miss my car. Thankfully, I'll be reunited with the open road this summer--I'm touring in July!

In hot anticipation of that reunion, this week's song is all about the car. No frills, no analysis, no insight--just a celebration of my first love.

Song of the Week: Gin Blossoms, "My Car"

Few bands have captured the combined tedium and magic of driving better than the Gin Blossoms. So many of their songs feature driving--usually on familiar roads, "lost in my home town," etc. These songs are about chasing former flames, good memories, and bad ideas. Call me nostalgic, but I can relate.

Some more songs about cars and driving:

Big Star, "Back of a Car"
Along for a ride that's going nowhere fast. Again. The drums tell the story.

Pearl Jam, "MFC"
Mini-fast car. Eddie's description: "Obviously, it's in a car and you're getting the fuck out of a problem." A Pantheon driving song that's actually about driving.

Ike Turner, "Rocket 88"
Some historians call this the first rock n' roll song. And it wasn't about a girl.

Kings of Leon, "Camaro" (Bonus: Secret Service, "Camaro")
A girl's trying to look cool. It's working.

Beatles, "Drive My Car"
Paul as a lovelorn chauffeur.

Tom Waits, "Ol' 55"
Defines "bleary-eyed highway ballad."

New Amsterdams, "Asleep At the Wheel"
Running late, knowing you'll never make it, and enjoying that fact.

Counting Crows, "St. Robinson and His Cadillac Dream"
About dreams, faded glory, old cars, and what's around the bend. That about cover it?

What are some more? What are your favorites? Anyone have a link to the Secret Service's "Camaro"? Add to the list!

Til next safe!

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