Monday, October 05, 2009

Eight Weeks

Eight weeks is a long time.

In eight weeks, you can walk to the post office hundreds of times. You can run for President and lose. You can retire from football and come back. It's longer than the Olympics and five percent of baseball season. It's an elephant's gestation period, the age of Eddie Murphy for his first HBO special, and all the time Magellan needed to circle the globe.*

Eight weeks is a short time, too.

In eight weeks, you can't grow corn. It's only eight Sundays and eight Saturdays. It's not a football season, and only half of an NFL season. It's less than most fall-time relationships. It's not enough time for birds to migrate, or Congress to get a good vacation. In eight weeks, I can't even grow a beard.**

So why the math lesson?

Because in approximately eight weeks, I'll have a new record out! And while details, sneak peeks, exclusive listens, press, shows, and plenty of hype will come between now and then, let's start with some biggies:

Chris Milam Up

Release Date
: December 1, 2009***
Album Art: To the right. Look! See? Like it?

1) In the Air Tonight
2) Maria, Maria
3) Up
4) Thirteen Hours
5) If You Don't Love Me By Now
6) Coldweather Girls
7) Melanie
8) Edge of the World
9) Boy in the Bubble

NYC Record Release:
December 4, 2009
The Bitter End

There you have it--hopefully enough to whet the ravenous audiophile's appetite! Over the next eight(ish) weeks, there will be plenty of sneak-peeks, show announcements, exclusive listens, contests, and surprises, so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile,

(*Maybe not true. I didn't look it up.)
(**Or eight years, for that matter.)
(***Tenative from iTunes. Stay tuned.)


ross k. said...

That photo?

SO clutch.

Good work.

Chris Milam said...

Thanks! Big ups to Miss Tamara McCray--she's the photo maestro.

Michael said...

Will you be releasing a hard copy too? or are you going all radiohead on us.

Chris Milam said...

Digital only, at least to start. I'm going 80% Radiohead on you. The remaining 20%:
1) Letting folks pay what they want
2) Acquiring a marching band

Elliot said...

Looking forward to it!

ross k. said...

All your marching band are belong to us.

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