Monday, August 24, 2009

Got a Dump Truck, Baby


In the midst of all this "making a record madness," other aspects of my life took a brief backseat. They sat there, rough-housed, asked "are we there yet," spilled several drinks, and at one point dry heaved. The Other Aspects of My Life are a lot like me, on a road trip, at age 5. They also dress like an investment banker.

So, in the backwards seasonal spirit of "fall cleaning," I gotta unload my head.

Thoughts while wondering what you do with the trash bag box when you're out of trash bags...

1) Milam's Going Away Concert.
We are 12 days away! I don't know how else to say it: if you live in, near, around, have ever passed through, thought about passing through, or have generally considered the Nashville have to be at this show.

It'll be my last concert in Nashville for some time, and my last as a Nashvillian. It's at my favorite venue in Nashville. The bill's stacked with all my favorite artists and friends. The sets will feature all kinds of surprises, collaborations, originals, old favorites, new classics, covers, 1812 Overtures, and the like!

It'll also be your first chance to hear songs that'll be on the new record! Come out early, stay out late, say goodbye to me and hello to football in one mad musical reintroduction to all things good and autumnal.

2) Studio Update
We're still "seasoning" the record. Our seven days of full, constant recording ended yesterday, so now we'll do what we can when we can. There's not much left at all, and we'll be finished tracking shortly. Then the mixing starts!

I've done it before, but it's worth doing many times more: I can't say enough about Steve Martin as a producer, engineer, musician, and general friend to artists. In a very short amount of time Steve has seemingly worked with every artist in Nashville, so he's nobody's "best kept secret." The secret's out. He's a bad, bad man. If you're an indie artist in Nashville and thinking about making a record, you have to talk to Steve. This town's chock full of talented sound guys, and Steve's a standout. Simply put, he's The Guy. You have to work with him.

And yes, that's him in a mu-mu.

3) What Now?
Oh, many things.
--September 1, we'll have the hotly-anticipated Songs for September.
--Starting in September, I'll be back to the regularly-scheduled programming of Fan of the Month and Milam's Mailbag (plenty of questions to answer there).
--Did I mention the upcoming concert?
--Or, the NYC shows this fall?
--Or, more shows to be announced, so stay tuned?
--New web and blog design in the coming weeks. Launch date soon!

4) Listening To
REM, and nothing else.


Bound to put a blanket on my bed,


Michael said...

When are you scheduled to arrive in nyc? Laguardia or JFK or Neward?

Michael said...


Chris Milam said...

TBD, then TBA.


Portable Rock Crushing said...

Love the dump truck. Very nicely done. Thanks for posting.

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