Monday, June 15, 2009

I've Got Questions, You've Got Answers

I'm keeping it simple to start off the week. One question, many possibilities, no wrong answers. Here goes:

What is the most listenable Beatles record?

Keep in mind, this doesn't have to be their best record. I'm curious which record is your favorite listen, the one you most want to hear. Also, I'm assuming that anyone reading this blog on the regular has no real qualms with the Beatles, and at least a few opinions about them.

(Editor's Note: In the event that you're reading this blog and have a very real qualm with the Beatles, or no opinion about them, don't worry. You took a wrong turn. You probably took a right at Pitchfork. Slide into reverse, retrace your steps, and exhale deeply. Everything will be alright.)

I'll start: To my ear, the best Beatles record is Revolver. But for all its merits (artistically, aesthetically, etc.), it's h-e-a-v-y. My favorite listen, front to back, regardless of season, is Help! Its poppers are more mature than Hard Day's Night, and its folkies are more fun than Rubber Soul. It sounds like an effortless, and smart, and fun, and interesting pop record, but occupies the space before The Beatles became Serious Artists.

Best Song: "Yesterday"
Favorite: "Ticket To Ride"
Least Favorite: "Act Naturally"
Sleeper Favorite: "It's Only Love"

So, what's your favorite listen?


ross k. said...

I'll break the ice and offer myself up. Let me start off by saying I don't know every single Beatles album backward and forward. Out of what I've heard (don't know Let It Be or Help! very well), I think the best overall listen start to finish is Abbey Road. It's not necessarily my favorite, but I think it works the best. Like Chris, I gravitate toward Revolver, but as he also notes, it's not for just any time of day. Revolver speaks a little more, but I can't always listen to it; Abbey Road is great but more accessible, easier to deal with.

Chris Milam said...

Word. Abbey Road is my pick of the late stuff. It's funny that they considered AR the experimental epic and Let It Be the back-to-basics crowd pleaser...AR is a better listen to me. It's just gorgeous.

Michael said...

My favorite has always been Revolver. I've always liked the way that album flows ... and Tomorrow Never Knows is just an awesome final track.

ross k. said...

It is awesome, and for my money, that's Ringo's slamminest track. It's the only Ringo drum track I liked before I really listened to the Beatles. I can rock out to it instead of having to say that he's respecting the song, etc. Yay Revolver.

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