Monday, May 04, 2009

YouTube Concert

Check it out: the latest YouTube Concert!

This week's video is another unreleased song, "Edge of the World." This was taken at a benefit concert in Nashville (special thanks to Steve and Rory for making the footage happen for that show).

Below is the full lineup of YouTube Concert dates. Hit up the YouTube Channel at noon on the given days to find a brand new video. Or, better yet, subscribe to the channel so you get up-to-the-minute updates.

Upcoming YouTube Concerts:
May 11
May 13 (that's a two-fer next week!)
May 18
May 20 (and again! bam!)
May 25
June 1

And now....enjoy!

"Edge of the World" (***Lyrics available on the actual YouTube page)

Another new video next Monday...

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