Monday, April 20, 2009

I've Got Questions, You've Got Answers

First, a few housekeeping items. You'll notice a handsome widget on the sidebar--dashing, some might say--called "Show Schedule." This is where you can go to find about about future shows. And, hark! There are some!

This Thursday, April 23 I'll be playing in Little Rock. Details:
Chris Milam
Sticky Fingers, Little Rock AR
$4 at the door! Why? Because it's less than $5!

After that, you'll notice eight more shows listed. These are a series of YouTube Concerts I'll be playing throughout the next month or so. There are a ton of new songs and I wanted to play them for everyone--not just Nashville--as soon as possible! So all you have to do is hit up the Milam YouTube channel at noon on the day listed to find a new video...straight from me to you.

The YouTube Concert dates:
April 27
May 4
May 11
May 13
May 18
May 20
May 25
June 1

***I'd recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel, so you know the second a new video's posted!

Finally, check out the actual Milam Facebook Page (the musician page, not my personal one). It's updated on the regular, so hop on over and become a fan already! This is me, defining the relationship. Deal with it.

Okay, enough housekeeping...I've got a question for y'all. Chime in on the comments section and treat it like an open debate...I'm curious as to where everyone stands.

Here's the question:
Many of us are Bruce Springsteen fans. Many of us are Tom Petty fans. Some people love Bruce. Some people love Tom Petty. If you asked the average music fan which artist is "more important," they'd probably say Bruce. If you asked the average music fan which artist is hated less, they'd probably say Tom Petty (Bruce has a small and devoted and kind-of-weird group of vocal detractors; Petty's Petty because he's impossible to hate). They are two celebrated American singer/songwriters who have been successful for decades, and have a greater catalog that runs the gamut.

If you were going to spend the rest of your life on a desert island, by yourself, and could only bring the entire catalog of either Bruce Sprinsteen or Tom Petty, which would you choose?

Things to keep in mind:
--You are alone on this island for the rest of your life. There is nobody else around, nor will there ever be. You are free to dance or cry or celebrate in solitude however you want and nobody will ever know.
--You will have no other music on this island. It is either the Springsteen catalogue or the Petty catalogue for the rest of your life, nothing else.
--No right or wrong here...I'm just curious what y'all think.

So hit up the comments and start the revolution!

Can't hold out forever,


Lady M said...

definitely Petty. Not only do I know more Petty songs, I would think that his music would bring me out of the inevitable "trapped on a desert island all by myself for the rest of my life" funk than the Boss.

Now, if I was trapped in Detroit or some other dying industry town known for patriotic heartlandness for the rest of my life...that'd be a different story. Mostly because I'm sure my life wouldn't last very long.

Sarah said...

I would just listen to Dancin' in the Dark over and over and over and over...

Chris Milam said...

I can't tell if that's the funniest or saddest thing I've ever heard! Probably both.

Hillary Brooke said...

Petty. Hands down. Why? Because he most assuredly has the better drugs.

ross k. said...

"Dancing in the Dark" definitely rules, but I'm more of a Petty fan, and I agree that the smoke-belching factory vibe would be a downer on an island. Also, let's remember that Tom Petty fought and won a legal battle with MCA for control of his music. I forget if it was "Hard Promises" or "Damn the Torpedoes," but MCA tried to seize that album and revoke Petty's ownership of it, and he was able to create his own record label and just use MCA for distribution, which then became pretty standard. For details, see the Bogdanovich documentary, Runnin' Down a Dream, which is superb and a must-view for any Petty fan.

Michael said...

The Boss. Is the E Street Band's sax player an option?

Chris Milam said...

The E Street Band's sax player is, some would say, the first option.

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