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Fan of the Month: March!

Whilst I'm creating running features, here's one that's been long overdue:

Fan of the Month!

For those of you counting at home, that makes three monthly features:
1) Beginning of each month - Milam's Monthly Playlist
2) Middle of each month - Fan of the Month
3) End of each month - Milam's Mailbag

If you'd like to send in a request for any of the three (song suggestions, question for the mailbag, of you think you're the single biggest fan of all), drop me a line.  

Meanwhile, here's a Q&A with March's Fan of the Month, a rocking and rolling and newspapering supergal named Elizabeth from Jacksonville, by way of Nashville and Knoxville and Anywheresville, America.  When I started the feature, I knew I had to kick it off with Elizabeth.  She's such a wonderful music fan and sweet person that Nashville's music scene got 42% lamer (there were tests) when she moved to Jacksonville. Everything is discussed in our Q&A, from Jack White's deli favorites to Pop-Up Videos to makeout music.

Put your Blog-hands together, Blog-World, for...

March's Fan of the Month, Elizabeth in Jacksonville!

Elizabeth, but you can call me Al.


Where y'at?
Jacksonville, FL.

Did you know that Jacksonville's currently ranked the 6th Saddest City in America?
I didn't know Jacksonville was ranked so high on the Sad City list; last I heard it was somewhere around #14.  Things change, I guess.

Why's Jacksonville so sad, yo?
I suppose the sadness could be explained by the funky-smeling St. Johns River and lack of quality music venues (if someone can find a way to pick up the Station Inn and transport it to Jacksonville, I'll reward you with a free dinner and some cupcakes).

Something the average interweb lurker wouldn't know about me is...?
I once rescued a baby from a burning building.  OK, not really.  Most people probably don't know that I really wish I still lived in Nashville.

Hmmm...Nashville's #8 on the Saddest Cities list.  Unhappy cities seem to follow you around, Liz.  Why's Nashville so sad?
Because I left, of course.  And because Leonard Cohen isn't coming there on his tour.  Nashville is Music City, so shouldn't every major musician stop through on their I-was-gone-awhile-now-I'm-back tour?

[Editor's Note: So she's making the case that bringing Leonard Cohen to a city could make it happier?  Weirdsville, and unprecedented.]

Whatcha do for a living?
I am a pack mule at The Florida Times-Union.  Actually, I'm a copy editor/page designer/wire editor/provider of links to funny Web sites.  That last duty makes me feel important.  I also cook a lot, but it's not a profitable occupation.  Yet.  (Shamless plug: Read my food blog!)

Newspapers???  I thought those were extinct.  Like raptors, and dignity.
Newspapers are on the endangered list.  People graduating this year and in the next couple of years need to not be afraid to pursue journalism just because it's not high-paying and because things aren't so great right now because, like saving the world and all that jazz, it's up to the young'uns to make the biggest difference.  And newspapers will never become extinct.  They're an important news medium, but the people in charge need to embrace a changing business model in order for newspapers to still be viable products.  Besides, newspapers have both crosswords AND comics.  What else do you need?

[Editor's Note: She's right.  Upcoming college grads shouldn't worry about the long-term prospects of newspapers.  They should worry about whether their barrel with straps fits okay, or if it chafes, or if the garbage can fire will warm them without attracting the attention of potential attackers.]

When was the last time you ate at Burger King?  When was the last time anyone ate at Burger King?
I ate at Burger King a couple weeks ago because I had a coupon for a free Whopper.  I think you underrate Burger King, Mr. Milam.  I know people who eat there all the time.  Maybe you should too.

Standing corrected as I type.  What music publications/blogs/sites do you read?  Any of them good?
I read Rolling Stone, despite its recent turn to less-awesomeness, and I read Hardcore Troubadours despite its sparse posting.  And that's about it...and I am only interested in Things That Are Good, so of course what I read is good.

What was the exact date you became a Chris Milam/Me fan?  I'm fascinated.
I don't really know, but clearly it was one of the greatest days ever.

How did you find him/me?
I found the Milam on the Myspace, sent him an e-mail saying how much I liked his stuff, and the rest is history.

Isn't he full of it?
Maybe a little, but in a good way.

Ever made out to any Milam musics?  If so, which?
When I first read this, I thought it asked, "Ever made out WITH Milam?"  I've neither made out with nor to Milam, so I'm not really any authority on this subject.

Right now there are only Milam CDs, shirts, and stickers.  What item of Milam merchandise would you like to see sold (e.g., Milam dog sweaters, Milam grill covers, etc.)?
Dinner plates.  With the Milam face on them.  Or maybe a Milam-themed lampshade.

[Editor's Note: I'm not sure what "Milam-themed" would entail, other than trampolines and college football and baby tees.]

Pick your dream concert.  Any three (living) artists, anywhere, any venue, any month/time of day.  What is it?  What's it called?
Milam, Milam, and a perfect world.  But let's see: Steve Earle, Cory Branan, and Josh Ritter.  At the Ryman.  In a fall month, how's November?  November 16.  And it would go on ALL DAY.

How much would you pay for this concert?  Recession and all?
I'd expect to pay at least $150 for decent seats at the Ryman (although they're all decent, no?).

I see/stalk Jack White around Nashville.  Do you have a message for him?
Dear Jack, get some color in your cheeks.  Also, I know you like Noshville; I recommend the grilled cheese and tomato.  Get a chocolate milkshake, too.  Fondly, Liz.

Rank these items in order, from best to worst: 
Chicken wings, Football, Milam, Christmas, Freedom.
This is the most difficult question on here.  OK:
1) Football.
2) Milam (he'd put football before me, so no pouting).
3) Christmas!
4) Chicken wings.
5) Freedom.  I guess.

Fill In the Blanks!

Five favorite artists from the 60's are...?
Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles

Five favorite artists from the 90's are...?
Hanson (don't you dare judge me), The Flaming Lips, Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, Weezer (when they were still good)

Five favorite artists from the 2000's are...?
Citizen Cope, Lucero, Her Space Holiday, Stars, The Hold Steady

Some other singer/songwriters I love are...?
Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Ben Kweller, Jeff Buckley...this is a list that really could go on forever. my favorite Beatle.
I'm going to be the only person in the world to have this answer...but I don't have a favorite.  I know.  I KNOW.  I don't have much of an explanation why, I just don't feel particularly strongly about any of them individually.  I'm probably going to get some hate mail over this, but I stand by my choice.

Where will music be in 5 years?  What's one change you'd like to see?
Like newspapers, music will probably undergo some big change.  What?  Not sure.  One thing I am sure of, though, is that I would really like to see the return of "Pop Up Video" on VH1.  In fact, it would be nice to see VH1 and MTV actually playing music videos again.  I think the music video has gone the way of the cassette tape.  They're still around and occasionally of use, but no one really pays them much attention.  So yeah, bring back the music video!  And make it good.

Alright, give me five of your favorite Songs for March!
1) "Look at Me (When I Rock Wichoo)" by The Black Kids
2) "Sequestered in Memphis" by The Hold Steady
3) "Shove It" by Santogold
4) "Goddamn the Sun" by Scott Miller (this is a song for all months)
5) "You" by Atmosphere

Finally, how can I ever thank you for the support?
See what I said about those dinner plates?  Or you could change my opinion of the Jax music scene by making an appearance in this neck of the woods.

Done, and maybe done.

Thanks Liz!  Stay tuned everyone...

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