Monday, November 10, 2008

You Can Find Me in N-Y-C

Actually, you can't. If you're in New York, just wandering at this very second thinking, "Milam's around," you're a few days late. But this past weekend you would've 1) been right and 2) probably seen me wandering around.

From Thursday-Sunday I was in New York for a show at the Bitter End. I kept a semi-running journal of the weekend, and will be posting that immediately once the editor approves my misspellings.

Meantime, HEY, LOOK, ANOTHER SHOW! And this one isn't embarrassingly self-indulgent! There are charities (1 actually) involved and everything!

Milam at Rocketown
Nashville Rescue Missions benefit show
Thursday, November 13

See how many artists are playing? The setup here is an all-night long songwriters-in-the-round format, with four artists playing an hour at a time. The next hour, four more get up and trade off songs.

The show starts at 6PM and will go on all's going to really be a great night of music. And, HEY, LOOK, my group is actually batting lead-off, right when the doors open. So get there early!

More info here.

See ya there!

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