Monday, September 29, 2008

Eight Days Away!

If a week was eight days long...

1) That would probably mean more football for everyone.
2) God might've rested two days in a row.
3) There would be [insert number that someone who's good at math can figure out] weeks a year.
4) The Tin Angel EP would be exactly ONE WEEK AWAY!

This is my loquacious way of telling you that on October 7th--eight days from now--my new record is coming out. What I need you to do is SPREAD THE WORD! Pre-order the record, tell your friends, make a sign, show it to people, stand on a corner, shout it from a rooftop, form a band and sing songs promoting its glory.

You can do any of that and I'd still find it totally acceptable.

Here's the schedule of the CD release:

Monday, October 6: Some of the songs will be available for listening on Myspace, ILike, Reverbnation, IMeem, the Official Website, everywhere you could ever want to look for it.

Tuesday, October 7: The record will be available for purchase anywhere. If you've already purchased one from CDBaby, it is on its way!

Wednesday, October 8 through Forever: Listen, rock, pirate, burn, enjoy with all your friends.

Saturday, October 11: The CD release show at 12th & Porter! Click on the right sidebar for all the details.

And don't forget Friday, November 7 is the NYC release show! All the details to the right.

More soon,


Michael said...

45.655274875 weeks a year.

So if I pre-ordered, it will be shipped on the 7th?

Chris Milam said...

7th at the latest, yessir.

You can hear everything all over the interwebs as soon as Monday, however.

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