Friday, June 20, 2008


I know what you're thinking: "That's a lot of denim."

You would be right.

This morning marked the first time all week I had trouble getting up. Every other day the guys at the studio would file in at 9am strapped to an IV of caffeine while I'd already be there, impossibly upbeat, fueled only by adrenaline and fruit roll-ups. "What is wrong with this kid," they seemed to say. "I'm not even sure he went home last night," they seemed to say. "When was the last time you saw him change clothes," they seemed to say.

Well, not this morning. All the long nights and early mornings finally caught up to me, but no matter, because practically all the tracking is done. This includes vocals, which we wrapped last night. This means:
1) Somebody* can drink coffee again.
2) Somebody* can stop drinking honey straight from the plastic bear.

We did vocals all day yesterday. Two of my favorite singers/people in town came in to sing some bgv's (background vocals, obv) (obv is obviously, obv): Matt Woods and Moriah Harris. They're both way talented...go check them out.

Oh, hey, speaking of me and Matt Woods...

Anyway, here's the last batch of Potential Album Titles. I have no idea why people choose to email me their votes instead of commenting right here in this blog, but I don't understand a lot of things. Like "math," or Finnegan's Wake, or "why I have nipples."

So cast your vote!
Justice Headback
Eat That, Kelly Clarkson
Finnegan's Nipples
Ninnegan's Fipples
Lieutenant Obvious and the Bathtub Surprise

And my favorite from the day...
Beef Stew

In the thing now,

*I am "somebody."


Michael said...

Lieutenant Obvious and the Bathtub Surprise

That's your winner.

jaysterc said...

Dudeman, major congrats on getting the album wrapped up. I cant wait to wrap my ears around it. As for titles, Lt. Obvious is pretty darned rings the right bells, and makes my pants change positions. Good luck tonight man, wish i could be there

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