Monday, May 05, 2008

Running On Half-Full

Haylo Cleveland,

So check it out: I know I post a lot here about upcoming shows, with gratuitous shout-outs to my own music and news and such. I tend to go on and on about my own goings-on and don't give enough attention to other people and things. "Ohh, look what I've done," I tend to say, or "Hey, check this out," or "Blah, blah, I'm a vain artist, blah." A frequent criticism of my blog is that I spend a lot of time talking about myself, or talking about myself talking about myself, or even that I preface things to the point where the original intent is lost in an overlong paragraph of openly self-referential nonsense. I do this from time to time.

But not this time! This time I wanted to give all of you a heads-up to a show I'm playing tomorrow night that is actually for someone/something else's benefit, complete with tax write-offs and everything! Seriously, check it:

A friend of mine is running the San Diego marathon on June 1. She's running to raise money for Team in Training. Team in Training works with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to raise money toward cancer research and prevention, specifically leukemia and other blood cancers. Her goal is to raise $4000 to fight cancer. As part of her fund-raising efforts, she’s putting together an event TOMORROW, May 6, and here’s where I come in…

There's a fund-raising event tomorrow at Otter's, from 6-10ish, and there's live music all night. Starting at 6PM, I'll play a set, then Jordan Lawhead (a great artist, freshly transplanted from LA), then a great friend of mine and awesome artist, Matt Woods. There's an optional $5 at the door, and Otter's is donating a portion of the evening's sales to the cause, to eat/drink/be merry...just throw your money around.

Who: Chris Milam, Jordan Lawhead, Matt Woods
What: Fund-raiser for cancer research
Where: Otter's on Demonbreun
When: Tomorrow, 6PM sharp
Why: It's a great cause! Have a heart! Jeez!!!

See y'all there...

Saturday, June 21st 12th and Porter
Matt Woods, Chris Milam, Nick Pagliari, and more!

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