Monday, March 31, 2008

What's New, Pussycat?

Right, so while the rest of you are doing some spring cleaning, Ye Olde Blog of Glory needs some housekeeping.

1) Chris, where are all the new shows?
Glad you asked. If you look at the right sidebar, you'll see one show in particular. It's a charity fundraiser on April 15 for all the folks in Nashville. Please click the link to find out more about it...plenty of good music that night for a great cause. In the meantime, I'm booking more shows, so stay tuned.

2) Chris, what happened to Milam's Myspace Mondays?
For five weeks, I posted a new acoustic demo from the studio to Myspace, to give y'all something to chew on. On of those songs, "Shine," is still up and available for free download. I went on a folk kick recently and hammered out some new folk tunes, recorded some demos of them, and want y'all to listen. That's why next week, April 7, is MILAM'S FOLK WEEK.

3) Chris, what is Milam's Folk Week?
Starting April 7, I'm posting 3 new acoustic demos to Myspace and making them available for FREE DOWNLOAD. On Monday, I'll post a song. On Wednesday, I'll post a new one. On Friday, I'll post a new one. All are a little different from the stuff I have been posting--hope y'all enjoy.

4) How's Joey Dorsey's campaign for President going?
Completely and unrelentingly awesome. As you saw this weekend, Memphis is killing everyone. Joey Dorsey is killing everyone. At this rate, he's going to actually eat Kevin Love's face on Saturday. I'd also like to add John Calipari's Stool to the list of Dorsey's VP candidates. Coach Cal sits on a stool during games now, like the other team's not worth standing up for. My buddy Dutch Jerry made the joke that he's "going unplugged" like Stone Gossard.

5) What's coming up?
I'm making a new record, that's what's up. In May I'm getting in the studio to record some songs. Might be an EP, might be an LP. We'll see. Can't wait. I'll be blogging a lot during that time, so look out. I expect the record to come out in early fall. LOTS MORE to come on all this, so stay up.

Also, there are a ton of records out or forthcoming that I'll have thoughts on. The new NMAll-Stars (sure), Black Crowes (yes), Counting Crowes (oh dear God), The Raconteurs (absolutely), REM (somebody save me) just to name a few. My Morning Jacket in June. With the devastating rash of disappointing records lately, suffice it to say I'm looking to MMJ to save 2008 for music and mankind. Yes, that's unfair. Yes, they're up to it.

Making it rain,


Michael said...

Dear Chris,

Will your new album involve the band you've been playing with lately? or studio musicians?

Stephen VanRaden

Chris Milam said...

I'll be playing with my band, which I'm very excited about.

yes I did said...

this is me commenting on your blog

ross k. said...

Chris's new album will involve me. He wants the slammingest drum tracks and soaringest backup vocals out there. Which is why I'm coming down to Nashville and we're jamming out.


RIGHT, Chris?

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