Monday, January 14, 2008

Introducing.....Tin Angel

Hey hey cyberworld,

So the blog's been temporarily hijacked by self-promotional tendencies...fear not, I'll have plenty of Non-Me things to talk about very soon. In the meantime, please turn your attention to every other Milam Forum on the Interwebs.

If you hop on over to Myplace, you'll notice a new song on the Media player called "Tin Angel Demo." The story here is that shortly before Christmas I holed up in the studio with sound-demigod and master-micro-brewer Steve Martin and recorded nearly every unreleased song I've ever written. Just me, the acoustic, some reverb, and a mic.

Every Monday, starting today, I'm posting a new demo on Myspace and--get this--you can download it for free. All you gotsta do is click the "download" button on the media player, or the "lyrics" button if you wanna read the words, too. You'll also notice the Snocap music store there, too, for any of you who just really, really, really want to BUY some music as well.

This week's song is "Tin Angel." Those of you from Nashville might recognize the name from a local restaurant. I used to live down the street from Tin Angel and went there all the time--especially when I couldn't afford the food--sat by the fire, camped at the bar. One time I talked to famed vagabond Jacket Guy outside Tin Angel for thirty minutes. This song has nothing to do with any of that, but yeah, there you have it...

Next Monday a new demo will replace "Tin Angel," so come back early and often.

For those of you unawares, ReverbNation is kind of a one-stop-shop for artists and their promotional tools. You can go to my page there, browse songs, visit other artists, join the street team, sign up for the mailing list, drop me a line, check out future shows (like the one at The Basement on February 12th), etc.

Those of you down with the Facebook sickness as well can search for Chris Milam (me) and befriend him (me). Also, if you have the ILike application (which completely kicks tuchis), you can search for "Chris Milam" and "ILike" me--everyone who is a fan can add my songs to their profile, download songs for free, see upcoming shows, read blogs, etc.

Official Site:
And, as always, you can find upcoming shows at the Official Website, as well as other info.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the new song....enjoy y'all!


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ross k. said...

I just have to comment...for those of you who have never lived near the Vanderbilt campus in Nashville, "Jacket Guy" is Don Steddes, a homeless man you just can't avoid within a certain five-square-mile area. Even on a road trip a couple years after I graduated, as if by magic, he was the first person I saw when I pulled off the Church Street exit from I-65. The same thing happened to my friend Joseph on a separate trip: the first person he saw on the street when he rolled into town was Don. It's uncanny. I don't know just how long a person can be hard-core bumming and live, but Don's been going strong since at least the Bush inauguration. And that's what I can prove. Who knows how long he was at it before that. He's a survivor.

Must be the jacket.

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