Monday, August 20, 2007

September 4th--Milam Myspace!

Hey hey everyone,

More new posts forthcoming--in the meantime, mark your calendar and chew on this:
Tuesday, September 4th - Milam Myspace Playday!

What is that, you ask? Great, I'll tell you. The first week of every month, I'm asking everyone out there to simply visit and click on "Whenever It Rains." As many times as you possibly can. The goal is to get my "plays" up to as high as possible that day.

You see, the record industry (especially in Nashville) uses Myspace as a first impression of an artist--his sound, the size of his fanbase, his activity in town, etc. They search for local artists by "number of plays" to get an idea of who the most popular artists are. So, let's get those plays up and show them you're out there!

***IMPORTANT: You DO NOT need a Myspace account to play my song. Absolutely everyone can do it. So click early and often!

I'm keeping track of folks' activity and sending out free stuff (shirts, stickers, new song demos, etc.) those who have played the most. So, in the words of Chappelle, get out there and be somebody!

Oh, and all the Nashville folks: I have a show that night, too. At 12th and Porter. With some other Black Flag Militia artists. It's gonna be a good one--don't miss it!

All the best,

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