Tuesday, February 13, 2007

About Eight-Thousand Words

From D.C. to Virginia Beach to Charlotte and back, here are a few thousand words' worth of photos from the first leg of the trip...

Here's the view from a room in Fairfax. I woke up Tuesday morning and found whatever this white stuff is all over the ground. I figured it was fallout from an overnight nuclear war, but a kindly meteorologist told me that it's "snow" and that, remarkably, it is edible.

My sneakers are made for walking. No real explanation here as to why the photog for the D.C. show took a picture of my feet, other than she's spear-heading the "New Shoes for Milam" campaign.

Hello Maryland!

The Commodore Theatre in Portsmouth, Virginia. I highly recommend the pastrami sandwich. And the waitresses. What?!?

Civil War monument in the center of Old Town, Portsmouth.

Real, authentic, home-grown, Virginia boiled peanuts. Dipped in chocolate. Stuffed into a Ziploc bag. And sold at an Exxon. That taste? Authenticity.

This picture depicts the post-postmodern man, simultaneous victim of his past and subordinant of his future, looking ahead while looking backward and still looking forward. What is art? Is this art? Is ART ART???

The long road home...

Next stop...Chattanoogsville!

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Sanjeet said...

I ate most of those peanuts.

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