Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Now Introducing...


I wanted to share some blog-love about the new Street Team I've just introduced.

What is the Union?
The Union is Chris Milam's Official Street Team. It is, simply, a group of people who care about the music and want to help spread the word! Union membership requires no annual fees, no obligations, no organ donations, etc...your contribution is up to you. In short, it is a way for you to do the stuff you're already doing--spreading the word, going to shows, promoting the music--but getting free stuff and perks for doing it!

Union members can help in any/all of Three Ways:

1) The Street Union:
--Making your own flyers for each show, printing them out, posting them around
--College students: talking to your student newspaper about writing an article about me and my music; talking to your programming board about booking a show on your campus
--Putting a Milam song on a mix you make for your friend/significant other
--Requesting a Milam song on your local independent radio station
--Asking your local music reviewer/concert critic/podcaster/etc. if they'd like to preview the next show in your area

2) The Web Union:
--Downloading and upload Milam's music online (share, share share--this is very important!)
--“Playdays” on Myspace—playing the songs on Myspace as much as possible (more on this SOON!)
--Listing "Chris Milam" in your favorite music on Myspace, Facebook, etc.
--Adding a song to your profile on Myspace
--Putting Chris Milam in your Top 8 on Myspace
--Posting a Banner to your page
--Commenting on your friends’ pages about an upcoming shows
--Blogging about Chris Milam music/upcoming shows
--Adding an upcoming show to your calendar
--Creating a group about the music
--Putting Chris Milam in your Top 8
--General linking (to the Official Site, Myspace, YouTube videos, CDBaby, etc.)
--Posting the lyrics and tabs to main internet databases (please check with for accuracy's sake)

3) The Sales Union:
--Buy an album for $5, sell it to anyone for whatever you wish. Keep the profits. Tight, right?
--Albums shipped in groups of 5 or 10, plus shipping. Send in the paper, I’ll send you the goods!
--5 CDs = autographed CD, stickers of your choice
--10 CDs = free t-shirt
--20 CDs = guaranteed show in your area
--30 CDs = autographed harmonica (I own and play 10…if you sell 30 CDs I’m happy to give one to you)
--50 CDs = Credited in the next album’s liner notes.
--100 CDs = I will make out with you. Man, woman, child. I don’t care.

How do I join? Two Ways:

1) Simply friend The Union on Myspace and shoot me a message for confirmation with the following information:
--Your First and Last Name
--City, State, and College (if applicable)
--Email address
--T-Shirt Size

2) Write me an email with the subject: "Join the Union!" and the above information in the body.

Thanks so much, and check this page often for all kinds of updates!
Chris Milam Official Site!
Buy Chris's Album!

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