Sunday, January 14, 2007

Matchstick Tour Is Here!

All y'all--listen up!

The Matchstick Tour 2K7 is here! Check out the details below for all the tourdates and info. But first, two very important pieces of business:

1) This isn't a comprehensive list of shows. These are the dates as they are booked right now. I expect to add at least a few more to this list, so CHECK BACK OFTEN for updates, or you might miss a show in your town!

2) I need everyone's help to make this tour as successful as humanly possible. I'm a one-man show, quite literally; I do all my writing, performing, booking, promoting, marketing, publicity, and managing my own darn self. What I am blessed with, however, is an excessively helpful fanbase. So, I need your help. If one of these shows is in your hometown, get all your friends on the horn and bring them out. If I'm playing in a city where you know a ton of people, pass the word along and get them out to the show. Write your local music reviewer and tell him he should preview my show. Call in your local radio station and ask them to spin "Leaving Tennessee." The success of this tour will depend so much on the fans at each show, and I can't wait to see y'all on the road.

Matchstick Tour:

12th and Porter
Nashville, TN
with Wes Charlton
Doors at 9, Milam at 10:30
$5 for 21+, $10 for 18+

Velvet Lounge
Washington, D.C.
9pm sharp!
$6, 21+

Jolt 180
Virginia Beach, VA
9pm sharp!
FREE, All ages

JJ's Bohemia
Chattanooga, TN
Doors at 9pm
$5, 21+

Andrews Upstairs
Atlanta, GA
with Ian Schumacher
Doors at 7, Milam at 8
$10, 21+

P&H Cafe
Memphis, TN
Doors at 8pm
$5, 18+

Off Broadway
St. Louis, MO
Doors at 9, Milam at 10pm
$7, All ages

Uncommon Ground
Chicago, IL
Doors at 9, Milam at 10pm
FREE (donations encouraged), All ages
***Call ahead 773-929-3680 to guarantee seating

Mark it down, do it up, and zip it out--can't wait to see y'all out there!

On the road again,

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