Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bunch of Something

Blog and Blog-Readers,

I learned some time ago that tardiness (or even negligence) is often forgiven if an explanation accompanies it. All this to say, I've taken a blogbreak to do some musicwork. Here's what I have been juggling whilst the blogball dropped:

--A trip to Memphis
--A trip to Arkansas
--Writing an entire album's worth of new songs
--Organizing what will become my Street Team, and everything that entails
--Planning out what will become my next tour, encompassing twenty cities in thirty days (January 2007)
--A trip back to Memphis
--A trip back to Nashville
--Booking up the rest of the fall with shows in Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock
--Getting the word on some Leaving Tennessee reviews to come out soon
--Seeing The Departed (JesusLordofHosts!)
--A trip back to Memphis
--Playing a two-hour set at the Southern Festival of Books
--A return back to Nashville
--Desigining new Milam merchandise, coming soon to a bumper near you
--Updating the website
--Promoting aforementioned shows
--Walking the neighbor's dog
--Feeding my sister's cat
--Watering my cousin's garden
--Balancing the budget
--Writing, hyping, rewriting, scrapping, and ultimately burying the great American novel
--Loading inappropriate ringtones onto my new cell
--Competing at the 2006 Billiards Trick Shot Championship in Des Moines, Iowa
--Playing trampoline golf

Yep, all of that (sure, that list started becoming fictitious at some point--but can you guess which point???). So, the Blog's got some dust on it. Never fear. I'll be back soon.

In the meantime, All You Nashvillians!

Chris Milam (that's me)
October 25
12th and Porter Lounge
Doors open at 9pm

Definitely come out if you can possibly make it--I'll be debuting a ton of new material, playing all the old faves, and even taking some cameos during the show. Don't miss it!

Next time, Gadget,

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elizabeth said...

the list became fictitious when you said you were feeding your sister's cat. DONE. and one of the reviews you spoke of is mine. which is finished. which is currently in your email inbox awaiting the verdict. and, uh, i sure as hell better be part of your street team. that is all.

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