Friday, September 08, 2006

Milam, You're Off the Clock

Hey everyone,

First off, I'd like to apologize for my blog-absence as of late. Despite your emails, I was not:

--Hiking in the Andes
--In a hippie commune with seventeen metric tons of peyote
--Writing my German
--Hiking with Andies (that's several people named Andy)

We were switching the web service for (which this blog runs through). So, for about a week, the site was down and the blog was inaccessible. Thanks for your concern and patience, though. In return, I'll do something some of you have clamored for:

Today, I'm turning this space into a typical blog! That's right, for today only, The Milam Blog will be chock-full of self-indulgent rants, non-sequiturs, and horrendous writing! The blog itself will volley questions/topics at me, and I'll knock them straight out of the park. Or at least bunt. I'll probably get on base. And I won't even buy it dinner!

Let's get to it:

Milam's Most Underrated Band in the History of American Pop Music:
Big Star

Milam's Explanation for Why Big Star is the Most Underrated Band in the History of Pop Music:
None at present.

Well done!
I enjoyed it.

Milam's Most Underrated Yet Hugely Influential Single Song in the History of American Pop Music:
Big Star's "Thirteen"

Milam's Explanation for Said Song's Influence:

Fair enough!
Glad you enjoyed it.

But isn't that an outrageous claim?

What will you write in me next?

No. What will your next post in me be about?
Not sure yet. Any suggestions?

You could do another Milam Mailbag!
At present, I don't have any mail.

You could make up some mail.
I will not compromise the integrity of the Mailbag. I'm thinking about ranking the Beatles albums from worst to best. It's a very hard thing to write about, though, and I need to get my thoughts together.

That's a grand idea! Magical Mystery Tour is my favorite.
That's why you're a Blog.

You're stupid. That's what I'm getting at.

Quick: Five Best Things About Fall:
1) Football
2) Cider
3) Football at the professional level
4) New music releases
5) Cold air
6) Football at the collegiate level
7) Football at the high school, grade school, or intramural level.
8) Football as a substitute to baseball and its crimes against humanity.
9) Football as the savior of my own ragged soul.
10) Halloween candy.

What's your favorite song RIGHT NOW?
Scott Miller's "Goddamn the Sun"

I don't like profanity.
Me either, Blog. Me either.

National Title Prediction for College Football 2K6:
Ohio State vs. Auburn. Auburn.

Why those teams?
Because they're good in a way that's better than the other teams.

Favorite Place to Play Music in Nashville:
3rd and Lindsley

Favorite Place to Hear Music in Nashville:
The corner of 6th and Broadway.

When will the world end?
Thursday, July 23, 2034. I'll be on Mars, though. Watching interstellar football.

I think you're being sarcastic.
No, I'm not. Got anything else?

One more: I heard you're obsessed with Inside the Actor's Studio. Dork.
That's not a question.

More a statement of fact.
Yeah. Every time I search for it on TiVo, I can actually hear the box groan. "Seriously? James Lipton? For an hour???"

Off the record,


elizabeth said...

i like your favorite song too.

maybe we don't need to do an interview. i'll just let your blog ask you the questions, and i'll make the whole thing into an article.

Ross K. dropped the ball said...

I think they actually prescribed football for medical ails when my dad was growing up.

"Coach, I've got strep throat."

"Just suck it up and take some hard shots, boy. Walk it off."

Football and maybe bloodletting. They hadn't discovered either anaesthetic or "bed rest and fluids."

At least I didn't have to play. Going to a small, standardized-test-consumed college prep school has that advantage. Fuck football.

Michael said...

Ron Zook makes my soul hurt.

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