Friday, April 14, 2006

There and Back

As I write this, I'm in a hurry. Picture me frantically Myspacing, packing, and brushing my teeth as I still tend to this, the emotional instability of my fickle, fickle Blog. I am driving to Memphis shortly, but not because I'm homesick or desperate for custard. This weekend marks the beginning of something I like to call the....


Starting this Saturday at the P&H Cafe in Memphis, I will be touring for the next six weeks throughout the Southland. Here are the tourdates:

April 15: P&H Cafe with Drew Holcomb, Memphis TN 9pm ($5)
April 27: Caffeine, Chattanooga TN 8:30pm
May 8: 3rd and Lindsley with Will Champlin, Nashville TN 9:30pm ($5)
May 13: Twice Told Performance Cafe, Louisville KY 7:30pm ($5)
May 19: Otey's with Matt Woods, Birmingham AL 9pm ($5)
May 31: Sticky Fingerz, Little Rock AR 8pm ($5)
June 5: P&H Cafe, Memphis TN 9pm ($5)

For more information about these shows, hit my site or Myspace. I will be blogging regularly about the before, after, and during of these shows. Also we'll be posting pictures and setlists for each show at the site (in the Shows section). I also have a grand scheme to put some live video or audio from some of these shows on the site as well in the Media section, so keep an eye out.

On the road,

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