Sunday, April 02, 2006

From One Blog to Another

I have a confession to make: I've cheated on this blog. Wait, don't be angry. Put the bat down. It all started a month ago, when a new Nashville publication, Stalking the Muse, asked me to contribute. Stalking the Muse bridges the gap between art and art criticism by allowing artists themselves a forum to discuss their own inspiration, working methods, successes and failures.

When they asked me to write about the inspiration and subsequent songwriting process behind one of my songs, I thought to myself, "Sure, I do that anyway." So I sent in an essay about the broader context of "Ain't the Way." They've featured me as their "Artist of the Week," so hop on over to their site , listen to "Ain't the Way" and read the essay in their blog section. Be sure to show them lots of love--they're doing good work.

One foot out the door,


Michael said...

And I thought I could trust you.

Michael said...

Cool essay by the way Topher. This is now required reading for everyone. All must check it out.

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