Friday, April 21, 2006

Extra, Extra!

Read all about me, folks:

The one and only M. Trevor Higgins interviewed me last week for a write-up in the Chattanooga Times Free Press to promote my show there on April 27th.

Go here to read that article, which came out this morning. And go here to read his original review of my album last summer (scroll down to July 22).

Special thanks to "T-Money" for being so cooperative. I ain't easy to work with, folks.

Until soon,


Jr. Doc said...

Bjork? Of all the lyricists there are, you're gonna say Bjork? Maybe I don't know you as well as I think I do.

Michael said...

they're terribly moody
then all of a sudden turn happy
but, oh, to get involved in the exchange
of human emotions is ever so satisfying

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